Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Red Light.

It is tough to feel down with your own self.
It is irritating to have found yourself stuck with your life and not knowing what to do.
It is horrible to see others moving on with their life smoothly when you're lost with no option at all.
It hurts to look at the past that you regretted so much and thought you could've done better that you think would definitely put you in a better situation today.

But none of those beat the frustration of failing to think positively that Allah has planned your life this way to give you more, and what you definitely need.

Desperately in need of sincere prayers that I can make it through this tough period. T_T


  1. the eyes only see what heart wants to see or what the mind is prepared to comprehend, so ask yourself, what exactly your heart wants to see and what exactly is your limit in comprehending fate

    1. If i were to be honest with myself, i dont know if i have better solution than the other. Semua path pun nampak vague at the moment. Its not like i can tell my heart to see only beautiful things and it does it that way.

  2. get ready for wall of text

    bila kita melihat sesuatu benda dengan hakikatnya ( not exaggerated or understated ) and act accordingly ( which is the best thing we can do at that moment ) then the heart should be at rest/calm ( this doesnt necessarily mean happiness or sadness cause you can be at rest even if you are sad/happy)
    manusia tak dihalang untuk sedih dan gembira sebab dua dua itu fitrah manusia tetapi yang disuruh ialah guided feelings
    gembira dan sedih yang tak melampau
    extreme eg: orang yang mati anak yang kita tengok dia tenang. dia sedih tak? sedih kan tetapi sedih yang terkawal
    itu maksud aku

    nak capai ini perlu kepada pemahaman limitasi manusia dalam menentukan nasib
    kita mana ada power bab menentukan nasib, kita boleh usaha dan doa cuba ubah (bukan tentukan tetapi cuba ubah) tetapi dengan syarat usaha dan doa sungguh sungguh
    only then boleh tenang
    sebab kita dah buat yang termampu tetapi bukan ini taqdirnya
    lagi lagi orang islam yang mana beruntung ( bukan happy ) dalam mana mana keadaan susah mahupun senang, syukur ketika senang = untung, sabar/redha ketika susah = untung

    in the end everything is a test sama ada senang atau susah
    kerana syarat orang beriman itu ialah diuji (bukan sekadar pengakuan beriman) dan selepas ujian adalah naiknya darjat keimanan atau jatuh darjat keimanan tersebut

    antara kesilapan terbesar manusia ialah cuba mengubah masa lampau, sedangkan masa lampau tak boleh diubah (cuba ubah masa lampau pun tak boleh eg nak naik time machine, mana ada time machine yang wujud)
    yang boleh ialah cuba mengubah masa depan

    hope it helps
    sembang teori saja ini

    1. Thats very warm and assertive at the same time, abul. Thanks.

      Its just me who's being ridiculous here, i know. Last time I was indifferent, like takdelah nak blame diri sendiri atas perkara kecik or being too negative. Maybe sebab never once in my expectation what i did would horribly mess things up. And sebab my time and resources are running out too, so simply trying and following the flow isn't very beneficial for me at all. Orang2 sekeliling pula boleh tahan rajin bertanya itu ini. So things add up.

      It helps, really. Cuma kena ambil masa nak praktikkan teori. Harap2 tak lama sangat ambil masa nak figure things out, positively, and rationally.

  3. All the best sis
    last but not least,
    " there is a reason the dunya in called dunya not jannah because it is full of defect instead of perfection;jannah "

  4. Kelakar please nak ber sis-sis. Macam kakak2 jual shawl pulak 💁

    1. new habit sis
      and i am definitely not in the pro-Shawl community