Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017's Resolutions

With 2017 getting ready to make its grand entrance in a few hours, I am hardly keeping myself together because turning 26 from 25 ain't that easy like it seemed to me.

Well, on a positive note...I managed to get myself some quality time on an early weekend morning to indulge in a retrospection of my deeds, life choices and plans.

Procrastinate no more! Here's my 10 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Be more sociable. Meet new people without having expectations & being judgemental. They will help you to get out of a rut, and you'll surprisingly learn a lot from every single page of 'em. If it turns out bad, you have earned a milestone in the journey. It's the pressure that makes diamonds, aite?

2. Earn more money. You don't only gain money through these side income and freelance jobs but your precious experience too. Contentment is good, but never let it pull your legs and get yourself stuck in the idea of wanting more is being greedy. There are times when I regret not having enough money to buy something my parents would love or need.

3. Be a better daughter and sister. This has never been out of my list and it never will. You can never be a perfect daughter/sister because there's always room for improvements. Especially with these prickly and quick tempered behaviours of mine, the route is seemingly endless.

4. Watch less dramas/tv shows. I rarely find myself being into one, but when I do, I'll get so attached to it. Though they are not calamitous, time wasted on them would have been better spent to make my day more productive. Be selective and find something that you could learn skills or gain knowledge from it. I am currently enjoying Law of The Jungle and it's daebak! 👍🏻

5. Read more. Having said point no 4, this tails closely behind. This time, try to reach out from your usual readings. As for me, I am gonna let myself have a taste of some non-fictionals like politics, psychology, and encyclopedia. I have literally a box of untouched books of the said genres. Bought it from last year's Big Bad Wolf and the seal has been nicely there ever since. *facepalm*

6. Do more supplementary ibadah. Quantity has its way to improve quality and vice versa - at least that's what I believe. Needless to say, this applies to both our vertical and horizontal relationship as they bear no difference in weight for our happiness in the afterlife. The older you get, the harder you'll find to get out of your self-created stagnancy. Hence, leave all noxious excuses behind and get the ball rolling.

7. Lead a healthier life. Staying fit should be one of our priorities as we get older. I am going to avoid consuming greasy and salty food as much as I do going to the hospital. When your body gives signs of waning health, don't overlook them even if they seem insignificant. I've learned from my past mistakes.

8. Owning a property. I have always wanted to buy a good investment property and rent it out to make cash flow. Being financially independent in this crazy-state economy will help to mature my inner self by learning how to deal with people through lease clauses and stuff like that. I have numbers of friends around my age, who started this at an even younger age, and are now enjoying their passive income on monthly basis!

9. Settle down. Like everyone else did.

10. Buying a 2-metre long phone cable. Because I really hate typing this out on a dying-battery phone when I still dont wanna go out of my bed, but the cable frustratingly doesn't reach the plug point just by a split hair.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Life Rants

I wanted to talk to my sisters, so I texted them. But neither of them replied.

So my conclusion is, married sisters are so untouchable. Kaput.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Red Light.

It is tough to feel down with your own self.
It is irritating to have found yourself stuck with your life and not knowing what to do.
It is horrible to see others moving on with their life smoothly when you're lost with no option at all.
It hurts to look at the past that you regretted so much and thought you could've done better that you think would definitely put you in a better situation today.

But none of those beat the frustration of failing to think positively that Allah has planned your life this way to give you more, and what you definitely need.

Desperately in need of sincere prayers that I can make it through this tough period. T_T

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Undergraduate Architectural Portfolio

It has been a while since I last uploaded my works here. Office works are getting lesser towards the end of the project, hence the portfolio update - the only thing that can keep me busy without getting caught by the directors. Hope to see those who are architecturally or non-architecturally related would find this piece helpful, beneficial or interesting.

Unless stated otherwiseall works and writings are courtesy of me.

Selected Works from September 2011 - Present

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How (I Think) Maturity Changes Me.

They say, maturity comes when you stop making excuses and start making changes. I can't help but to agree to this. One can have all experience in the world, but if they choose not to move forward and keep making the same mistakes instead, they won't grow up. And that is the real price to be an adult. So here are the 5 things that I am slowly trying to adopt into my 25-year-old me.

1. Was once a person who easily blows off when someone wasted my time either by being not punctual, or doing things slothily right before my eyes. Now that there's a lot of things I can do with my phone, waiting has been less burdening than ever. Not saying that I am okay with waiting tho, I still hate it. But I am a little bit calmer now when the situation happens.

2. Slowly getting over from being too much of an OCD person. Used to take a longer time getting myself from bedroom to the kitchen or elsewhere in the house. Because I'd stop to fix the slightly lifted flower wreath on the mirror at the staircase. Then stop again to make sure the table runner is even at both ends. And it went on till I actually reached my destination. I guess, my nephews and nieces are the chill pills that help me a lot on this. You know, house with babies and toddlers can never be as tidy as you want it to be. So keep chilling and play with them!

3. Putting others' needs into monthly financial budget. I feel like I was able to treat myself with good food and clothes during my studying years more than I do these days. Especially when both your parents are retired, you wouldn't want to see them spending money on your sibling(s) who still goes to school when you've already earned money yourself. Or pay the bill when eating out with them. Or pay the gas when you drive them around. And etc2.

4. Weekends are for my family. Do not disturb! Back in the days when I was so comitted to this one NGO body, number of times I saw frustrated faces of my parents when I told them I couldn't attend my cousin's baby's aqiqah, or couldn't stay longer at kampung, or whatever family events were there at that time, with exactly one same reason. That I had to go to a programme. Now, setting my priorities to win both situations is the toughest thing to do, but once I've set them right, I am good to go. One thing that has, since then, been a pillar in my decision-making is, you staying at home doesn't mean you lose your chance to do good deeds.

5. Accepting the fact that my parents are growing older, which should be enough reason for me to always be patient when their overly sensitive nature takes place. It doesn't come easily for the short-tempered me. Seriously, it always frustratingly tires me out. But that's how life is. You've got to force yourself at some point and without you knowing, you've accustomed to that and get better each day. Exactly, they made this "1 mother can take care of 10 children, but 10 children cannot take care of 1 mother" saying for a reason.