Wednesday, August 21, 2013

*suits the blog's name well*

You know something's going just not right when your 16-year old sister tends to grin alone, and very often that she has her phone with her whenever that happens.

Been through that stage of life. Well, they say experience is the best teacher. Indeed.

So this so-the-very-called cheap spy instinct of yours pops up, and before you know it, you are already scrolling through her conversation boxes all the way down to the first message. And there goes your x-file case study. Not a single word in the box is left unread.

Toes curled-up. Arm hairs stand on end. Goosebumps overpowering the body.

Serve you right. Now the experienced you are screwed up, not knowing what's the best approach to be taken and best advice to be given. Puahaha!

# I remember during my visit to Raudhatus Sakinah the other day, I learnt that all it takes to get get a girl is by being sweet. Yes. Girls get swayed to sweet words too easily. I've even talked to a 13-year old mother, who is at the same age as my youngest sister! Allah, how different our lives could be as You want them be. And that adik said this to me "Men's words are nothing but trashes". How I wish she could talk her story out but she just didn't want to. So I let her be, because I know she has been through a lot to get to where she is now, forgetting all the black memories of her life which ain't easy thing! Well, my du'a goes along with her, hoping that she can see the world differently, and Allah guides her down the dunya and akhirah's lives. And 'your' sister as well, of course. Say ameen.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I haven't done much for them.

I wonder what are my British and other non-muslim  friends' thoughts on the issue in Egypt.

#Because they are within my circle, and I care.