Thursday, December 10, 2015

Don't Let Your Life be Veiled in Mystery

There is a house in a small village, lived by an old couple with their two daughters. The other 6 children of the couple are mostly married and left the house to live with their spouse. If not, they are elsewhere out of the town studying or working. They only come home during the weekend fortnightly, and sometimes once in a month. The younger sister is too scared to sleep alone, therefore the two share a bedroom on the second floor of the house while their parents use the one on the ground floor. Hence, other rooms in the house are usually empty most of the time.
On one chilly night when everyone had fallen asleep, the elder sister woke up to an unfamiliar sound from the next room. She had no idea what it was so she tried to listen to it very carefully. It was a scratching sound of furniture being pushed on tiled floor! The elder sister was scared to death that she closed her eyes so tightly and read some ayah from the Holy Quran until she unbeknownstly fell to her sleep again. The next morning, she opened the next room's door only to see it was all in tidy and neat condition. She decided not to make any slip of the tongue on what happened that night, nevertheless. Not to the parents, neither to the younger sister.
Few nights later, when the two sisters were getting ready for bed, the younger one  in out of the blue told her elder sister that she felt like sleeping downstairs with their parents and asked if she's okay with that. The elder sister who has been acting brave and sound, suddenly lost her guts imagining herself alone in the room throughout the whole night, to where she replied that the younger sister was acting childish and asked her to behave. And so they stayed in the room....
The room got darker and darker as the night went-by while the blown-off bulb of the bedlamps from two days before had not been replaced just yet. The elder sister was in her bed trying very hard to fall asleep but her eyes just wouldn't allow. Suddenly, she heard someone getting off the bed and jumped onto hers. Felt like losing her life in a flash, she finally got back to her senses after she realized that it was her younger sister wanting to sleep next to her. Seeing how icy cold her younger sister's hands were, she asked her if anything happens. The younger sister said she was too scared to talk about it. The elder sister then checked on her phone to look at the time. It was only an hour past midnight. The night they were having was still long way to go before the dawn, so she decided to take her younger sister to the parents' room and sleep there until the sun rises.

The next day, the elder sister asked her younger sister again to tell her on what actually happened that night. She said that she had been having a hard time falling asleep recently and that she felt extra uneasy last night which was why she asked the elder sister to sleep downstairs. As true as her gut was telling her, that same night when she was still struggling  to sleep, she felt like a hand with long nails was slowly running on her palm. That was when she got insanely scared and before she knew it, she had already jumped off her bed...... 

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