Friday, March 21, 2014


I shed my tears.
Once again.
The last time was ermm...
just on the verge?
Like feeling choked-up.

But yeah..
Architecture has always been harsh to me.
I came here knowing it.
So, it wasn't because of the rejected plans.
Neither was the vague design concept.
Just because...

Just because she said..
"It's so stressful! How do we secure a first class degree when the structures are going nowhere and the preparations for exhibition are killing me."
I said, "Well, I guess I should be more panicking then. I keep changing the plans when others have already started on the roof and I cannot have a start on the exhibition yet."

And the last few words from her who I have known for half a decade,
before I stood up and unknowingly walked away.
"Have you ever tried lending an ear to someone without talking back about your situation?"

Those word hurt. Broke my heart into pieces.
It's the same as saying, "You are not a good listener to your friends, buddy!"
Uh-umm. I am a fragile thing.
I know.
And I regret it.

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